About MuralsDC

The MuralsDC project replaces illegal graffiti with artistic works, to revitalize sites within the community and to teach young people the art of aerosol painting. The goal of this initiative is to positively engage the District’s youth by teaching proper art techniques, providing supplies, and a legal means to practice and perform their skill in a way that promotes respect for public and private property and community awareness. Site selection is based on areas of the District with high incidence of illegal graffiti as identified by the Department of Public Works (DPW) and other agencies. Each mural reflects the character, culture and history of the neighborhoods in the District and interests from the business/residence owners.



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The MuralsDC project is a partnership between DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, DC Department of Public Works, and the DC City Council’s Committee on Public Works chaired by Councilmember Jim Graham, Government of the District of Columbia, Mayor Adrian M. Fenty.

Program Consultant for MuralsDC 2007-2009: The Midnight Forum, Inc. “Empowering Youth Through Hip-Hop”

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CONTACT US: e-mail muralsdc@gmail.com


2 Responses to “About MuralsDC”

  1. Jane Kreisman, MAT Says:

    Hello & Congrats on an awesome achievement!
    My name is Jane and I teach Art at a DCPS Special Education Center in NE, DC, serving learning-challenged students from every Ward of the city, who LOVE art!
    I would like to volunteer for a project!
    It’s late in the academic year, but let’s talk about getting our students involved too, (moslty kids age12-14). I am available to volunteer this summer & I have a case of spray paint to donate.
    Please contact me!
    240-281-1061 (leave a voice mail) Thanks!

  2. StreetSignsLife Says:

    Check out this new blog talking about streetsigns, murals, and graffiti in DC and beyond

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